Jeremy’s Creation

The Great Bear Rainforest

Away from the metropolis of Vancouver
Along the Canadian southwestern coast
Exists one of the most astonishing places
I would like to go visit the most.

A lushous coniferous rainforest
Possessing the shores and banks of misty waterways
An ancient realm that has remained the same
Since the distant past primeval days.

Heavy rainfall occurs many times
Pouring down from the deep grey sky
Streaming down towering mountains and igneous crags
Flourishing the abundant domain that will never be dry.

Colossal grizzly bears clash like tournament combatants
Spilling the blood of noble knighthood
While packs of wolves haunt the forest
Like phantomous wraiths of the woods.

The bright-colored salmon assemble together
Making their way up the rapid-flowing streams
Stalking behind them, the orca whales follow
Singing their chilling arctic water melodies.

This epic land is as if a fair lady
Mystic, admirable, gorgeous and grand
But like some poor helpless maiden
It is being violated by man.

The tall wooden giants are getting hacked down
Falling hard against the rough soil floor
Leaving behind a barren wasteland
With stumps and nothing more.

The innocent citizens are being murdered
Slaughtered and gored
So their skins can be used for only one reason:
To decorate the butchers’ various floors.

I wish to witness this majestic place
Meant to be unharmed and free
A place that really should not perish before you or me.

Happiest Place On Earth

By Jeremy J. Brooks

Strolling down the main street of early Midwestern U.S. of A
Walking in a kingdom where happiness will never cease
Falling down a rabbit hole and celebrating my un-birthday

Singing along with little foreigners wishing of world peace
Aboard a runaway train speeding through old abandoned mines
Clashing swords with swashbuckling hoodlums of the Caribbean seas
Racing through the galaxy past stars the brightly shine
Joining 999 ghost in their big spook house jamboree

Exploring the rivers of jungles dark and deep
Dropping down a waterfall within a log without any fatalities
Sledding through the Matterhorn on slopes vastly steep

A place where the best of magic continuously flows
Where the young and old escape from reality
And true dreamers and believers feel like they are home

2008 copyright Jeremy Brooks