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Ambassadors of Hope
Lori Ciccarelli, Certified Spiritual Director
Jeremy "JJ" Brooks, Self Advocate
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Areas of Advocacy

  • Advocacy for Special Needs / Developmental Disabilities. Self Advocacy Development.
  • Leadership Development training / workshops / coaching. Customer Service Training.
  • Ministry for the unchurched. Contemplative Renewal & Restoration Retreats – Focus on Christian spiritual formation & disciplines supported by biblical scripture and modeled after Christ’s practices of relationship - communion with His Father and community with His disciples…abiding. Experience intimacy with God.
  • Clergy / Pastoral Care Renewal/ Restoration Retreats. Attuning to God’s presence.
  • Spiritual Direction / coaching / formation development/ advocacy.
  • Emotional & Spiritual IQ Development. In this workshop, experience the integration of Christian spiritual formation & disciplines, social competence exercises and leadership tools supported by biblical scripture and spiritual practices modeled after Christ’s practices of relationship - communion with His Father and community with His disciples…abiding.

So many are searching for relationship with God. As a certified Spiritual Director, Lori helps others see God in their landscape by accompanying them on their spiritual journey. Her ministry is a healing ministry of transformation from the head (beliefs) to the heart (intimacy) enhancing relationship with God through spiritual formation and disciplines. She helps others discover the voice of God within attuning to His presence. If you desire intimacy with God, you can’t take a passive approach; it’s intentional.

It’s a daily walk, a journey, a lifestyle…abiding!

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man abides in Me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing,” John 15:5

Look what others are saying about Lori’s leadership classes:

Lori's workshop provided me with emotional healing, hope in my faith, and tools to succeed for the future. I was reconnected with people I've been out of touch with for years and also made new friends that filled my heart with hope, strength and encouragement.  Listening to Lori's story and learning about the difficult but rewarding journey with her son JJ brought a light to my tunnel, and a hope for my future. I was incredibly blessed by the whole experience. – Megan Cz, mother of 2 small children

"Within the first 10 minutes of Lori Ciccarelli’s workshop on, “Developing Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence - A journey of Transformation” you know, without a doubt, that she believes what she is teaching.  Her passion for this program is clear from the moment she says, “Hello”, and comes from a deep place in her own spiritual journey.  The workshop is full of fun and easy-to-apply tools that help each attendee bring more focus and joy into all aspects of their lives.  If you have the opportunity to participate in this program, do not miss it.  You will be glad you did for years to come."   Pamela Payne, Child Care Provider

I loved Lori's workshop. It was very well presented, very informative  and I found the tools she provided to be very useful in everyday life.  Lori is an excellent presenter. - Nelida Garcia, Medical Interpreter

I have had the great pleasure of working with and participating in multiple educational sessions presented by Lori. She is an amazing speaker who has the ability to captivate, inspire and encourage the audience to share the passion she has for the topics she presents. She is compassionate, caring, holistic and she brings such a broad spectrum of experiences to her audience. She is a fantastic leader and has many attributes that emerging leaders are drawn to. I highly recommend Lori as a speaker, teacher and role model.  - Theresa Dessert, RN, BSN

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